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LGBT Discrimination

Although there is no Federal Law which prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, many state and local laws are currently in effect which protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals from workplace discrimination.  As of 2015, 20 states have enacted laws protecting LGBT individuals from employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.  Nonetheless, many LGBT people, even in those states where laws have been enacted to protect them, face employment discrimination, be it wrongful termination, the denial of promotion, or harassment on the job.  Many cases go unreported, with the victims of such discrimination suffering the financial and emotional effects of such discrimination without realizing that legal help is available.

Any individual who may have been discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation should speak with a knowledgeable attorney who can review the individual circumstances and also determine which laws may apply and what remedies may be available.  In many instances, employers are far more likely to reply to the employee’s concerns if the employer sees that the individual has retained an attorney who is highly experienced and ready to litigate if the employee’s concerns are ignored.  To explore your legal options, contact us at 212-828-2770