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Securities Fraud

If you have suffered significant financial losses due to your reliance on the advice of a financial advisor, banker, or other employer of a broker-dealer, Elliot Felig & Associates may be able to help you recover some or potentially all of your losses. With extensive experience in both the legal and financial services fields, our firm is uniquely qualified to assist both institutional clients and individual investors who have suffered losses due to the fraudulent, illegal, or unethical actions of investment advisors and their firms

All financial advisers are required first and foremost to understand the specific needs of their customers and are legally required to set investment strategies that are consistent with the needs and desires of those customers.  Unfortunately, that does not always happen, with financial advisers often acting negligently by failing to appropriately consider their clients’ needs and then recommending unsuitable investments. 

Time and again, we all have read about financial advisers who have invested clients’ savings in highly speculative and risky investment vehicles that were completely unsuitable for that individual.  Institutional investors have similarly been misled into inappropriate investments, with even the nation’s largest pension funds suffering significant losses after the world’s foremost banks recommended investments that proved to be highly speculative and therefore inappropriate for those institutional investors.

With experience as a prosecutor, litigator, and also as a banker at one of the world’s foremost broker dealers, our firm can assist you in bringing a claim against the individual or firm that acted fraudulently or negligently.  Potential claims include those alleging fraud and misrepresentation; unsuitable investments; churning; breach of fiduciary duty; unauthorized trading; violation of federal and state securities laws and regulations; failure to diversify; selling away; and inadequate supervision.  Our firm has the necessary background, knowledge and experience to handle claims involving a wide variety of investment products including: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, closed end funds, annuities, hedge funds, REITs, and other private placements. 

To discuss the potential viability of any claims you may have, and the potential for recovery, please contact us to arrange a consultation. We can offer the same quality representation as many of the nation’s largest law firms, but often in a far more cost-effective manner.