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Criminal Defense

Few experiences can be more stressful than facing criminal charges or being placed under investigation by the government. The pain is felt not just by the accused, but also by his or her loved ones.  The criminal justice system can seem completely impersonal and imposing to anyone, no matter what our background.  The best weapon you can have is an experienced, courtroom-savvy attorney who “has seen it all.”  With over 13 years of experience as a criminal prosecutor, Elliot Felig handled almost every kind of case imaginable, from the most low-level misdemeanor all the way up to first-degree murder cases.

The attorney is the only thing standing between a client and, potentially, the loss of his reputation, his livelihood, and even his freedom.  Those facing criminal charges need an experienced hand who can sit down with them, quickly assess the situation, look at all possible scenarios, and then put together an action plan that will allow the accused to achieve the best possible outcome.  Having handled hundreds of criminal cases, with experience at every step of the process, Elliot Felig is extremely well-qualified to assist in leading a vigorous defense against any criminal charge, whether in state court, federal court, or before a regulatory body. 

Dedicated service and aggressive advocacy are the hallmarks of our practice.  Having handled misdemeanors such as DWI, petty larceny, assault and minor drug offenses, all the way up to felony white collar cases, as well as crimes carrying potential life sentences, our practice has the ability and experience to vigorously represent clients at each and every stage of the process, and employ resources to achieve the best possible result. We take pride in our record of success and our commitment has won us the respect of clients, judges and even our adversaries. 

When someone’s freedom is on the line, he or she cannot afford to face the situation alone, or rely on someone who lacks the knowledge and expertise that can only come from over a decade of real trial experience.  There is far too much at stake to skimp by turning to someone who has never been down this path before. To discuss your case with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, please contact us.