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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases, and all other types of criminal cases arising from family or matrimonial matters are taken extremely seriously by prosecutors and judges. In most jurisdictions, charges in this area are sent to specialized courts, staffed by judges and prosecutors who are specifically trained to handle these types of cases. For those who are accused of crimes of this nature, this specialization can be a double-edged sword, as it can raise a variety of issues and potential consequences which would not otherwise come up.

Because domestic violence cases are treated differently than other cases, it is essential that anyone facing such charges have an attorney who has specific training and experience in handling these matters.

What are the potential ramifications of Domestic Violence Charges?

Depending on how the case is handled, a domestic violence charge can lead to jail time, probation, and a lifelong criminal record. However, a skilled attorney who knows exactly how prosecutors and judges look at these cases, and who has specific trial experience in this area, can make all the difference in determining how the case is ultimately resolved.

Very often, people foolishly try to take a shortcut or save money by relying on inexperienced counsel. As a result, they fact not only the prospect of jail time and a criminal record, they also face a possible lifelong stigma from being convicted of a domestic violence offense.

Can Domestic Violence Charges Be Dismissed?

Yes, even though prosecutors and judges take all forms of domestic violence cases extremely seriously, an experienced attorney can often win a full dismissal of the charges. However, it is absolutely essential to have an attorney who knows how to identify the key issues and objectives. Having experienced counsel can mean the difference between going to jail and potentially having all charges dismissed.

Do you have specific experience with these types of cases?

As a former prosecutor, and as a supervisor of a large staff of prosecutors, Elliot Felig has a tremendous amount of experience in handling domestic violence cases, and knows exactly what types of approaches are most likely to succeed. Over and over again, Mr. Felig has won an outright dismissal of all criminal charges on behalf of clients facing these types of charges.

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