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Marijuana Charges

While more and more jurisdictions are moving to ease or even repeal some of the laws against marijuana usage or possession, it remains a crime in some instances to possess or sell marijuana, in New York and many other states. And while it may seem to some like a minor offense, the fact remains that even a conviction for a marijuana offense can have significant negative consequences.

Can the charges be dismissed even if the person actually is guilty of the crime?

Yes, in many instances, even if the person actually possessed or even sold marijuana, based on other circumstances the charges can be dismissed, but for this reason it is critical to have a knowledgeable attorney who Is respected by judges and prosecutors alike and who knows exactly what issues to emphasize in order to potentially win an outright dismissal.

Does Elliot Felig have specific experience with these types of cases?

As Criminal Court Supervisor at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Elliot Felig oversaw the prosecution of literally thousands of drug offenses. All too often, because people do not have the right attorney, they plead guilty without realizing all of the consequences of such a plea, or without realizing that the case might have been dismissed if they had retained the right attorney.

In some instances, the prosecutor’s office may refuse to offer a plea deal, meaning the only way to fight the case will be by taking it to trial. For that reason alone, from day one, anyone facing a drug charge, even a marijuana charge, should have a lawyer who if necessary can take the case to trial.

Do you charge for a consultation?

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