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Assault Charges

In most states, assault charges typically range from misdemeanor-level charges, typically arising from fights and altercations in which no weapons were involved, all the way to up to violent felonies which carry sentences up to twenty five years imprisonment or more.

What are the potential ramifications of an assault charge?

Even for a misdemeanor level charge, in many states, such as New York, one can face up to a year in jail, up to three years of probation, and all the negative consequences which flow from having a permanent criminal record, including the loss of professional licenses, the damage to one’s reputation, the inability to pass a background check, and other ramifications.

For this reason, anyone facing even a misdemeanor assault charge should have experienced counsel. As a prosecutor with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Elliot Felig worked on hundreds of assault cases while rising through the ranks. Eventually, Mr. Felig was appointed Criminal Court Supervisor, where he personally supervised a large staff of attorneys as they handled assault and other types of criminal cases.

If someone is facing assault charges, how likely are they to be convicted or face jail time?
Even misdemeanor assault charges in many states, including New York, carry a potential jail term of up to one year. However, an experienced attorney can make all the difference, and in many cases, can even have the charges outright dismissed, and in other instances help the defendant not only avoid jail time, but also avoid even having a criminal record.

When should someone facing assault charges contact an attorney?

It is crucial for anyone facing assault charges to immediately call an attorney. Crucial strategic decisions must be made immediately. In many instances, without an experienced attorney involved, the police or the prosecutor’s office make decisions about the course of a criminal case which cannot be reversed if the defense attorney comes in to the case too late.

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